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Family doctor and Washington State Cougar


Hello! My name is Dr. Serign Marong, M.D. and I am a family medicine doctor. Yes, Serign is pronounced "seren," as in serendipity...pun intended! And what is serendipity? Serendipity is the phenomenon of discovering something valuable or interesting by chance or accident. Or simply, it's finding something good. Thank you for finding my page.

Did you know that the word doctor comes from the Latin word for "teacher", itself derived from docere, meaning "to teach."


As a doctor I like to teach and share my knowledge of primary care medicine. I also find healing in sharing my experience through grief,  after suffering the loss of my first wife in 2014. 


Please check out my social media and my books (see store) as I share my journey through grief, medicine, and life. 


Various articles and podcasts about my grief journey.

College linebacker to doctor

 Former WSU linebacker takes remarkable path to covid fight through grief

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Young Widows on The Sunday Paper by Maria Shriver
Michelle Williams Podcast

Podcast with singer Michelle Williams

Grief Turns to Purpose

Widower Family

How the social platform is helping a new generation cope with death

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