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Hello! My name is Dr. Serign Marong, M.D. and I am a family medicine doctor. Yes, Serign is pronounced "seren," as in serendipity...pun intended! And what is serendipity? Serendipity is the phenomenon of discovering something valuable or interesting by chance or accident. Or simply, it's finding something good. Thank you for finding my page.

My Story

Dr. Marong, a board certified family physician, father, husband, widower, and athlete, grew up in Eastern Washington in the town of Pullman.  Pullman is the quintessential college town, where

Washington State University (WSU) resides. For most people, your family either operates a

farm or works for the university and his was the latter.


He obtained a degree in biology in 2002, while playing linebacker for the football team (Go Cougs!) and preparing for medical school. He met his wife Visa soon after graduation and they ended up moving to Seattle, WA when he started medical school. Years later they were married and had their first son at the beginning of his medical residency.


Graduating residency and obtaining his board certification, Dr. Marong had aspiration of pursing sports medicine.  However, March of 2014, his life changed tragically, when his wife died, suddenly and unexpectedly.  They had two young boys at the time and Dr. Marong found it difficult to continue his medical career. 


During his time away from medicine he moved to California to be near his in-laws. He worked in a machine shop and even on a golf course. Through this almost life ending and difficult grief journey, he met his current wife Michelle. They now have a beautifully blended family of 5 children, the most recent of whom is 3 yrs old. 


Dr. Marong who goes by Dr.Serendipity.MD on his social media frequently shares parts of his grief journey through videos.  This has lead to podcast interviews with people such as Michelle Williams and articles with Maria Shriver’s “The Sunday Paper.” He has been back practicing medicine for several years and has a thriving private practice in Tucson, AZ. Daily he finds that his grief journey is something he can share with patients, helping both of them with struggles in life. Outside of medicine his life is full shuttling kids around town for school and all their sports and activities.

Clinic Info 

La Cholla Medical Group

6130 N La Cholla Blvd #100

Tucson, AZ 85741

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